Consumer Experience
Marketing (CXM)

Turning engagements into strategy

Gather every customer engagement from every channel, automatically uncover insights using embedded analytics, and take real-time action that puts consumers, loyalty and retention at the heart of every decision.
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Digitizing Campaigns Made Easy

We help clients GO from bricks to clicks by digitizing campaigns in the most efficient, easy and cost-effective way.

By integrating a layer of technology onto what you are already doing, we can amplify your marketing and engagement strategies.

By doing this, we can help you:
Increase sales & grow market share
Grow customer acquisition, engagement & retention
Build brand loyalty and meaningful relationships with new and existing consumers
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Working together to revolutionize consumer
brand experiences in today’s evolving and ever
changing mobile tech first world

The way consumers experience products is ever changing – and this has never been truer than in the world we live in today.

More than ever, consumers are skeptical, critical and most importantly selective in the bands they choose to engage and participate with. In order to win with today’s consumer, it is not enough to know who they are, where they are and what they like. We need to evolve further to gain and maintain their attention, engagement and loyalty. This is where we can help.

How you ask?

We make it more effective to run mobile campaigns, while collecting valuable data and applying to campaigns in real-time. And it is all done with 3 easy steps.
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How do you know if
we are a fit for you?

Take a look at the checklist below and mark of any that resonate with pain points or objectives you are currently faced with:
Moving consumers from bricks to clicks
Migrating existing campaigns into 360 engagement programs
Enhance and simplify execution on mission critical initiatives
Convert consumers to customers
Align the fragmented relationship between retailer and brand
Build lifetime value in engaged customers
Increase frequency of contact
Lower cost of marketing
If you checked off any of the above, we can help!
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Hear What Others Have To Say…

We’re a trustworthy bunch but hey, it never hurts to hear what other people say about us. Especially when it’s as complimentary as this…

Jakob Ripshtein

CEO, Fluid Assets Inc.
We have seen the benefit of the GO CXM platform first-hand with our brands. The results while on the lift and learn display outperformed any other promotional activity we have engaged in to date. We are thoroughly impressed and hope to continue leveraging this asset with our retail customers to drive incremental category sales, as well improved performance for our brands.

Leanne Bernardo

Vice President, SALT
Our team had the opportunity to work with GO CXM over the past year, and we were impressed with their ability to build a custom solution for our very specific needs. The team was solutions-oriented as we kicked off the project, and continued to work collaboratively & efficiently throughout the build launch and maintenance execution of the product program. GO CXM provided us with a turn-key solution and delivered the product within extremely tight time constraints.

Devin Borst

Brand & Communications Director, Fluid Assets Inc.
Our team has been thrilled with the insights gleaned from the GO CXM analytics dashboard. Not only can we measure our sales conversion, we are now having more meaningful conversations with our creative agency and retail partners y leveraging traffic and consumer engagement data - able to act quickly on these insights with real-time program optimization.

Consumer Experience Marketing
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