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By making digitizing campaigns easier than ever, we help brands create deeper engagements with consumers and add value to all stakeholders – even retail – in order to achieve the best results possible with what you are already doing.

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Through our proprietary platform, we are able to leverage our 3 process data system, first-party data, and often more importantly, zero party data, in a meaningful way – in real-time.

What is zero party data you may ask? Well, in the simplest terms, it is information that a consumer has voluntarily given to a company or organization, for the purposes of marketing to them in a more personal and meaningful way

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Driving Engagement by GOing from Bricks to clicks

Monster knew it needed to evolve its campaigns in order to engage a new generation of consumers but wasn’t sure where to start. We came in and helped Monster take their existing campaign strategy and digitize it in order to create a new kind of consumer connection - a mobile connection that would reach the right consumer and drive engagement.

The results speak for themselves. By digitizing their campaign and reengaging along the consumer journey, we were able to help drive engagement across all cohorts, but specifically with Monster’s new target consumer - Generation Z.

  • Overall participation increase +741%
  • Gen Z participation Increase +1100%

It’s all about capturing value today so we can GO drive efficiencies tomorrow

While hard to do, the reality is that long term thinking allows us to GO deeper and build valuable community that can be leveraged for all future campaigns. Monster experienced this first hand through the GO platform. By digitizing Monster’s campaigns, we were able to drive higher engagement and levels of participation. This in turn increased its consumer database by 500%.

This increased database size allowed us to leverage the GO platform once again to uncover deeper insights necessary to build a behavioural segmentation and drive a meaningful retargeting strategy.

GO build community to drive sales

Bud Light was looking to drive engagement with the brand in a regulated environment, but didn’t know how to achieve it with proof of purchase. After much brainstorming, we designed and developed an interactive social campaign that encouraged consumers to upload pictures of themselves enjoying the product for the chance to win great prizes and experiences.

As the community of Bud Light lovers grew – so did the sales. In fact the program led to significant engagement and brand love. Need help from Martin to complete this one.

Data intelligence = ability to GO pivot real-time = increased campaign success

During Monster’s loyalty campaign, the GO platform’s predictive analytics identified that the prize inventory was being claimed to fast to last the full campaign. It also showed the inventory mix was off given the prizing levels being claimed. Having this information in real-time allowed us to GO provide a solution that could be implemented right away leading to the replenishment of the right inventory.

This ensured the program was able to extend to its final date and gave Monster the ability to engage with 16% more consumers.

  • This represents 8,000 more customers redeeming prizes
  • Resulting in 37K (8.67% of Total) more Tabs Claimed
  • And 13% more Prizes Claimed
  • Driving the Redemption Rate 9% higher

Driving acquisition with exclusive incentives creates an invaluable Community

Bud Light was looking for a way to drive engagement and recruit the next generation of Bud Light drinkers and they came to us to help them develop the right digital approach. With the creation of the Bud Light Living app, we were able to help Bud Light connect their experiential touch points and consumers were able to share their experiences in real time by connecting their Instagram feeds directly to the app. The results were fantastic and thumb-stopping.

We were able to build a community of over 30K Bud Light drinkers and, on average, each consumer posted more than 10 pictures to their social media accounts. Through the life of the program, 20MM impressions were delivered and a new generation of Bud Light drinkers was born.

GO with incentives and a connected experience see results

The team at Coors Light and Coors Banquet knew they wanted to create a campaign around March Madness that engaged consumers. But they also gave us the challenge of how to engage the serving staff at the same time in order to drive recommendations of the Coors portfolio. Knowing we had 2 audiences to engage, we knew we needed to develop a digital experience that connected both in an interactive way. The result - each staff member was given a unique pin code to give consumers when they purchased a Coors product.

Consumers then had the opportunity to use that pin code online to try and win Leafs and Raptors swag and tickets. The best part is it all came full circle and based on their pin codes being used, staff members were entered into their own contest creative incentive for them to keep recommending Coors Products. 100% of staff actively participated and the program saw consumer engagement over 75%.

GO digitize campaigns to crowdsource content, drive and manage seamless executions and manage multiple communities - at the same time.

When the team at D’Usse approached us, they were looking to promote their new Cognac by creating a community of brand lovers that could help create a ground swell of awareness. We were able to achieve this by creating a program where consumers could sign up for the chance to win tickets to an NFL game. Each Sunday, a D’Usse lounge would be set up in one of 5 NFL cities and consumers had the chance to be invited to the party by posting social media pictures of themselves enjoying D’Usse.

Once posted, the program streamed the photos along the border of the broadcast. GO not only provided the platform to drive the interactive social experience but also the guest list management system that kept track of thousands of invitees across 5 cities. The digital nature of both the interactive social and the guest list management made the experience seamless and easy to use. Over 2000 consumers were engaged and actively participated in the interactive social and the exclusive lounge access.

GOing digital to drive retail

Budweiser was looking to drive tactical interest and sales in its biggest brand through an account specific promotion focused on music. We were able to work directly with the retailer to create a campaign where they would provide consumers with a unique pin on their receipt that they could enter online for the chance to scratch and win a $1000 stub hub gift card.

The program drove a 300% increase in social media exposure during the period as well as over 100 social media photo sharing examples.


Hear What Others Have To Say…

We’re a trustworthy bunch but hey, it never hurts to hear what other people say about us. Especially when it’s as complimentary as this…

Jakob Ripshtein

CEO, Fluid Assets Inc.
We have seen the benefit of the GO CXM platform first-hand with our brands. The results while on the lift and learn display outperformed any other promotional activity we have engaged in to date. We are thoroughly impressed and hope to continue leveraging this asset with our retail customers to drive incremental category sales, as well improved performance for our brands.

Leanne Bernardo

Vice President, SALT
Our team had the opportunity to work with GO CXM over the past year, and we were impressed with their ability to build a custom solution for our very specific needs. The team was solutions-oriented as we kicked off the project, and continued to work collaboratively & efficiently throughout the build launch and maintenance execution of the product program. GO CXM provided us with a turn-key solution and delivered the product within extremely tight time constraints.

Devin Borst

Brand & Communications Director, Fluid Assets Inc.
Our team has been thrilled with the insights gleaned from the GO CXM analytics dashboard. Not only can we measure our sales conversion, we are now having more meaningful conversations with our creative agency and retail partners y leveraging traffic and consumer engagement data - able to act quickly on these insights with real-time program optimization.

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