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The GO Approach

We believe in making every interaction and dollar spent a meaningful part of the digital consumer journey.

With our proprietary hub run on intelligence and insights, we can help you GO from bricks to clicks in the most efficient, easy and cost-effective way. By doing this, you can GO even further and achieve better results with the ability to pivot in real time and ensure you reach the best possible results

The GO Hub provides a low friction environment that allows us to achieve seamless execution and amplification across all consumer touchpoints and create a continuous journey creating added engagement and value. Through the various tools within our Hub, we are able to:
reach customers beyond the store through mobile connectivity
achieve better execution using a frictionless environment to manage and measure in real-time
deliver compliant messaging to micro markets within a basic framework at any scale
gain efficiency of marketing and trade work using analytics and actionable insights
enhance/build a database, community and culture through engagement
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Let's GO Do It!

We take your strategy and assets and put them through our Hub’s 3 step intelligence process in order to allow optimization of all consumer touchpoints in real-time.

The GO Hub is a proprietary suite of technology marketing tools designed to GO together and amplify a brand’s existing strategy and assets.

These tools will amplify marketing strategies and evolve consumer interactions and reactions creating a connected consumer experience.

It is all about capturing value today to retarget tomorrow and build a long-term solution for your consumer engagement moments with better results.

The GO Hub will amplify your:

Marketing Strategy
Marketing ROI
Relationships with Consumers & Retailers

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Decisions and results driven
by data intelligence

Embedded Analytics allows us to take learnings and apply them faster to see results in real-time.
Our platform provides the ability to make data-driven decisions and pivot campaigns midstream. This allows leveraging real time learnings to course correct within current campaigns rather than waiting to apply to the next one. This is all done through our 3 step process which includes:
Descriptive Data - data that provides information about what has happened

Predictive Analytics - data that provides information about what will happen

Prescriptive Actions - data that provides information on not just what will happen, but how it could happen better if you did x, y, or z.
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Hear What Others Have To Say…

We’re a trustworthy bunch but hey, it never hurts to hear what other people say
about us. Especially when it’s as complimentary as this…

Jakob Ripshtein

CEO, Fluid Assets Inc.
We have seen the benefit of the GO CXM platform first-hand with our brands. The results while on the lift and learn display outperformed any other promotional activity we have engaged in to date. We are thoroughly impressed and hope to continue leveraging this asset with our retail customers to drive incremental category sales, as well improved performance for our brands.

Leanne Bernardo

Vice President, SALT
Our team had the opportunity to work with GO CXM over the past year, and we were impressed with their ability to build a custom solution for our very specific needs. The team was solutions-oriented as we kicked off the project, and continued to work collaboratively & efficiently throughout the build launch and maintenance execution of the product program. GO CXM provided us with a turn-key solution and delivered the product within extremely tight time constraints. 

Devin Borst

Brand & Communications Director, Fluid Assets Inc.
Our team has been thrilled with the insights gleaned from the GO CXM analytics dashboard. Not only can we measure our sales conversion, we are now having more meaningful conversations with our creative agency and retail partners y leveraging traffic and consumer engagement data - able to act quickly on these insights with real-time program optimization.  
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