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Account Coordinator

Reporting to the UNOapp/GOcxm Customer Support Manager under the department of Operations, the Account Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the setup and launch of a client project or campaign is successfully met while adhering to both UNOapp/GOcxm and client standards. The Account Coordinator will work a weekly 5-day, 40-hour work shift from the hours of 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday. The respective Account Coordinator must be regularly available during scheduled working hours via communication methods such as email, direct messaging, voice and video conferencing and telephone. Outside of the scheduled working hours, the respective Account Coordinator must be occasionally-accessible via the aforementioned communication methods in case of work-related emergencies. Though the Account Coordinator is expected to work from home on an Eastern Standard time schedule, he/she may be required to attend or work from the office if requested by the management team of Unitask Technologies or UNOapp / GOcxm.

The responsibilities of the UNOapp/GOcxm Account Coordinator includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Receiving a project briefing by either the UNOapp/GOcxm Head of Operation, Customer Support Manager or other management personnel on an upcoming project launch outlining key aspects of the project such as launch date and specific campaign requirements mandated by either the internal management team or respective client.
  • Creating one or more support tickets within the UNOapp/GOcxm Salesforce system to track the creation of the upcoming project launch, and ensuring that the support ticket is properly maintained, updated and closed once project requirements and launch has been successfully met
  • Documenting the project/campaign scope with the provided project management tools
  • Completing, reviewing and proofing all program/campaign Intake Forms
  • Collaborating on, and monitoring the project/campaign workback schedule and ensuring that all documented project/campaign deliverables have been provided or actioned by all internal stakeholders
  • Advising the necessary stakeholders that their next step in the workback schedule of the execution is ready for their undertaking
  • Reporting back to the Customer Support Manager if any individuals are overdue or delinquent in completing their responsibilities of the workback schedule
  • Tracking the respective project/campaign during the pre-launch stage and ensuring that any assets or deliverables required from the respective client are properly prepared and provided to UNOapp/GOcxm
  • Reviewing the Campaign Launch Checklist and advising all stakeholders whether the respective campaign is either ready to proceed, or requires further adjustments
  • Creating the project/campaign through the UNOapp/GOcxm platform according to the provided specifications
  • Testing the respective campaign in advance of the projected launch date to ensure that the functionality is correct; and making the necessary revisions when campaign flaws are discovered or reported
  • Providing all stakeholders with QA testing results
  • Escalating campaign issues to other internal teams to resolve when needed
  • Monitoring project/campaign analytics and reporting any campaign performance concerns to internal stakeholders in a timely manner when the campaign is active
  • Reporting campaign performance anomalies or submitting feature requests to the relevant teams in a timely manner before, during and after a campaign has launched
  • Providing the team with any suggestions to optimize the campaign or activation
  • Coordinating prize fulfillment and retargeting campaigns to customers either via email or SMS
  • Communicating to all stakeholders or relevant department personnel within the duration the project/campaign to ensure that all issues, concerns and feature requests relating to the project/campaign are properly addressed
  • Participating in weekly/monthly/quarterly monitoring and reporting meetings via voice and video conferencing
  • Attending all necessary team or project meetings when required via voice and video conferencing
  • Being readily accessible via email, direct messaging, voice and video conferencing and telephone communication to the UNOapp/GOcxm team during Toronto office hours (Eastern Standard Time)
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